I am what i am,

because of who we all are


Our aim is to engage youths in learning opportunities and new adventures, helping to inspire growth and positive life choices.


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Lerato Community Initiative is a social enterprise founded in 2019 by Celia Tummings. We work mainly, but not exclusively, within the black community, focusing on social engagement, inspiring personal and collective growth, and diverting youths from chaotic lifestyles. Lerato translates as ‘love’ in the Sesotho language of South Africa, and encapsulates our values of love, mutual respect, and positive engagement.

A Positive Vision

Our overall vision is to build a strong community where individuals and families feel empowered to make inspirational personal choices that lead to future successes.

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An Effective Mission

Our mission is to provide services that help to reduce the impact of inequality, trauma, and early involvement within the criminal justice system

Our Programs

Enlightening Values

The principles we stand for and abide by include:

  • Mutual Respect and Understanding
  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Belief in the Potential for Growth
  • Positive Engagement
  • Creativity and Innovation

Stimulating Engagement

Holiday Activities - aimed at children and young people aged 9 -16. Our programmes are designed by qualified youth leaders and skilled workshop facilitators to ensure fun, engaging, and safe activities. We nurture young people's resilience by engaging them in team challenges that build trust, better communication and leadership skills that reach beyond the informal.'

Inspiring Coaching and Mentoring Programme

Our 16 - 30 programmes, Sister Talk for young women and Stand in My Shoes for young men utilise transitional coaching and solution-focused techniques to assist young people to overcome multiple barriers that stop them from making a smooth transition into adulthood with the ability to succeed in the long-term.