Black Beauties

... because we are! Black women... we ARE beauties, in every sense.

Despite the outpouring of suggestions that we are not always beautiful,

we must truly realise that we are.

In every shade and tone of our rich brown skin,

full of magical melanin;

we are beautiful queens,

or at the very least beautiful descendants of queens.

When I state beauties/ beautiful many will think only of aesthetics,

but the understanding of the actual words “Black Beauties” should mean much more.

Don’t view it as vanity,

but realise its true depths.

The beauty of our melanin. 

The beauty of our natural nurture.

The beauty of our very being.



24/10/2020 by Alicia

Beautifully said. YES!!! We are beautiful in every shade and every tone. The more we embrace our selves and each other, the more we see our uniqueness, our strenght and power.

27/10/2020 by Chantelle James

Beautiful words by a black beauty herself x

27/10/2020 by Alice Koukoullis

Powerful words! Love this❤️ Amazing Yasmin!

27/10/2020 by Novlet

Amazing, thank you for this! Beautifully written and well needed ❤

27/10/2020 by Jessica

Amazing piece ❤

28/10/2020 by Lauren

Beautifully said! Thanks for sharing your words with us all ♥️

13/11/2020 by Celia

As Black women we must be mindful not to buy into the concept of the ‘single story’, that defines us as harsh angry characters who lack grace and beauty. Ironic though, that these false narratives are perpetuated by the very systems that created the stereotypical negative values of Black womanhood as either being that of the inept domestic servant, domineering matriarch, or jezebel. We are not responsible for other people’s views, those who hold on to the ‘single story’, but we are responsible for telling our stories, our truths with illuminated voices. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie best describes the effects that labels can have on how we think about ourselves & others. She says, “The consequence of the single story is this: It robs people of dignity. It makes our recognition of our equal humanity difficult. It emphasizes how we are different rather than how we are similar.” Watch the full TedTalk at:,story%20become%20the%20only%20story.&text=The%20consequence%20of%20the%20single,of%20our%20equal%20humanity%20difficult.

14/11/2020 by Liz Grimes

Stunning. You are the future. Keep flying the flag for beauty in its real form.

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