Celia Tummings

Celia is a retired secondary school teacher, now life coach and Director & Founder of Lerato Community Initiative. Her passions lie in helping youth navigate difficult and sometimes extremely harsh landscapes, inspiring them to grow and providing diversion from chaotic lifestyles. Celia holds an Advanced Diploma in Childcare and Education, an MA in Education: Culture, Language and Identity from the University of London - Goldsmiths College and a BA in Religious Education from the University of Brighton. She also holds an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching from Animas Centre for Coaching.

When young people experience trauma and serious life stressors, it can cause intense and often fluctuating emotions including unhappiness, anxiety, anger, and loneliness. Through Lerato, Celia aims to provide a platform on which children and young people can be creative whilst seeking solutions to some of the life and/or carreer challenges they face. The charity allows them to develop a healthy view of themselves where they can have meaningful relationships in order to make them feel complete, safe, and whole.

Celia’s love of helping the greater community can be traced back to her teenage years. Providing advice and support to peers and younger pupils during her school years was the first stage in realising her skills in mentoring and advocacy. Celia has since run mentoring programmes both in and out of the school setting, but her main drive comes from having a lived experience of many of the issues suffered by her students and the young people she meets through her charitable work. 

Prior to teaching, Celia was an experienced youth worker and set up a voluntary Children’s Centre in Lambeth, which she managed over 14 years. During her teaching carreer, Celia specialised in Religious Education, Sociology, PSHCE (personal, social, health and citizenship education) and Health & Social Care. She is now a trained life coach using a range of techniques such as positive psychology, solutions focused coaching, values-based coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching and guided visualisations to bring the coachee to a point of action.  More recently she has worked on developing and utilising her knowledge of trauma informed approaches.



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